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Scalp Micropigmentation

At Gunner Hairline Tattoo’s we know firsthand what it’s like to struggle with hair loss, we see it every day! Thinning or complete baldness can be an emotional time for many, in fact, it can bring on all types anxieties. Please don’t suffer any longer; we can help you regain your confidence today!

Please note that we do not claim to be certified or trained in pigmentation or cosmetic tattoos. Those are designed for lips, eyeliner and eyebrow enhancements. The SMP procedure we provide bears no relevance whatsoever to that kind of treatment.

Mike Gunner Hairline Tattoo’s can create that perfect look with advanced hair loss technique Scalp Micropigmentation. By definition, a tattoo is a permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of ingraining an indelible pigment into the Dermis. Unlike traditional tattooing which consists of lines and colour shading, the Hair Follicle Replication process is performed one impression at a time with specialised needles and pigments designed to replicate thousands of tiny hair follicles, with upwards of 50,000 required for full scalp coverage.

The treatment is permanent and maintenance free
Natural mineral based pigment created specifically for Scalp Micro-pigmentation
The Scalp Micropigmentation process can help enhance the look of your hair
Steady hand and a keen eye for detail

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    Why Choose Hairline Tattoos

    • We use only natural mineral based pigment created specifically for Hair Micropigmentation. It has been formulated to set in the skin of the scalp once implanted, resulting in very fine, crisp, and clear follicle replications. This product is not commercially available; it’s produced exclusively for Tattoo Hairlines.
    • We do not use permanent makeup pigments that are proven beyond doubt to result in discolouration, fading and changing shape under the skin (migration) over time.
    • We do not use “semi-permanent” pigments; these are designed to fade and require regular reapplication. Our Micro Hair Tattoo process will always look sensational, no reapplication needed
    • We tattoo hair follicles;  this replicates real shaven hair follicles on the scalp.
    • Our process is founded on proven UK techniques and tested in depth over time.
    • We supply our potential clients with contact details for previous clients (with their prior consent of course) so you can speak to a real client, and view their hair treatment in person.
    • We have treated a considerable number of clients who have undergone a “procedure” with other providers here in Australia. Our remedial work has given them the result they rightly deserve. We have a library of photographs that we will be happy to show you (names of clients, and providers omitted).
    • We not only treat male pattern baldness, we also provide coverage for clients who have thinning hair and do not want to “buzz cut” their hair.
    • We also provide our treatment to ladies where the “buzz cut” is out of the question
    • Our Scalp Micro Pigmentation process can help enhance the look of your hair, making it seem almost thicker.

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